PS93 Hideaway Footsie
Footbath Pedicure Chair W/
Deluxe Chair Zone Massager

Deluxe Pedicure center with retractable
drawer & footbath to save water, space and
look clean. Deluxe padded chair with
deluxe zone massager and heat functions.
Swivel chair top for easy entry low enough
to the floor so there is no step.
Adjustable large footrest.
Reclineable moveable chair top.
Arms go up and down and are thickly
padded for comfort.
Adjustable footrest and sliding pedicure tub drawer.
Wild Cherry Laminate Standard
Other laminate colors available
below for 10% additional

This Model Comes with the
Footsie brand footbath with heat and other controls on the side. Unit uses liner. The liners require
sanitary cleaning.
 Great design and very strong.
Base 33"W x 57"L Open X 16"H Base
Chair Top 24"D  X 33"W X 35"H

Beige or Black Chair Top Standard

Upgrade to a Shiatsu Chair top for an additional
charge and have the coolest most comfortable
pedicure hideaway around, use it for many
things including waxing.

Get your favorite color for your spa
to make the pedicure station look
incredible & not break the bank.
Black Shiatsu
Chair Top Upgrade
Chair Top Upgrade
Beige Shiatsu
Chair Top Upgrade

100 Ct Liners

Footsie Brand Pedicure
Bath Includes 10 Liners


Now Available In Any Pibbs High Quality
Laminate Colors For An Additional Charge

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In Stock Item!
Pibbs PS93 Pedicure Chair
W/ Footsie Footbath Included + 10 Liners to
Start W/ Adjustable Footrest W/ Product Slot
in Front / Wild Cherry Color or Upgrade
Color Choices At Checkout
Black or Beige Chair Top Standard!

Footsie Pedicure Bath Included
With Spa Purchase


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Pibbs Deluxe Pedicure Spa With
Shiatsu Chair Top Option
Black, Beige or Burgundy Only
 Cherry Wood Arm Cap!
Rolling, Tapping, Kneading
Massager Chair & Spa


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Footsie Bath

Footsie Pedicure Bath Includes
Wire Mesh Basket Liner Carrier
& 10 Starter Liners
Temperature Dial, Vibration Dial With Noise
Reduction Technology, Disposable Liners,
Retractable Cord, Lightweight & Durable,
Stronger Heating Elements Means Faster Heat
Times.  Stand Alone or Extra Unit

$169.00 $115.00
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Footsie Liners

100 Pack Disposable Liners For
Footsie Pedicure Bath

$150.00 $137.00
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Manicure Arm Set For Pedicure Spa

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This is a kit that comes with the footrest
which is made from a thick 14 inch wide
and the steel support
bar with the adjustment mechanism & screws to
 attach it to any cabinet Comes In Many Colors
Look Here For Your Colors & Choose At Checkout.


$225.00 $148.00
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These plastic covers are custom made to fit
this footrest only. It saves your footrest
from dirty feet and they are waterproof.
Nice thick plastic USA made.


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Top Only

The Stand Alone PS93 Pedicure Chair Top
Comes With Built In Heat & Massager.
Adjustable Height Thick Padded Arms,
Thick Seat Cushion & Pillow.
 Available In Black or Beige or

$1395.00 $895.00
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Top With Adjustments

The PS88 Pedicure Chair Top Comes With
Swivel Bracket & Forward Backward Hardware Included. Mounts Right To
Your Spa or Bench.  Built In Heat
& Massager. Thick Seat Cushion & Pillow. 
 Available In Black or Beige or

$1595.00 $999.00
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Pedi Chair Tops Only

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